Our hand-printing process is unique and time-consuming, driven by an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and service.

We utilize eco-friendly premium water-based inks and rely on Pantone formulas to achieve precise colour matching. Should a client require a specific print colour to complement their scheme, our skilled colourists can create it.

Dragonfly Designs Kenya Screen Printing
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The Process

Fabric screen printing yields vibrant, durable prints, ideal for organic and cotton fibers. Our flexibility enables us to utilize a variety of eco-friendly inks, ensuring stunning outcomes. Whether it is short print runs for small projects or large-scale production like carousel screen printing – t-shirts, jersey’s, caps…etc., we’ve got you covered. 

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Pulling Designs 

Design Ideation

Participate in detailed consultations covering fabric selection, design aesthetics, colour preferences, and the intended application of the final product. Moreover, we prioritize refining digital artwork for a flawless print outcome. Depending on your design vision, we offer the flexibility to commence with hand-drawn sketches or collaborate directly with Illustrator files.


Colour & Screens

The cost of a design is influenced by the number of colours used, as each colour requires its own screen. This varies based on the artwork’s size and colour count.

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Colour Theory

Custom Hues

We employ eco-friendly premium water-based inks and leverage Pantone formulas to achieve precise colour matching for our clients’ needs. Our expert colour mixers excel at creating custom colour solutions.


Sampling & Dispatch

The length of hand printed fabric undergoes a meticulous final inspection. Once approved, the fabric is packaged, taking great care to preserve its pristine condition during transit. 


Prior to print production, clients are provided with an opportunity to review and approve the fabric, ensuring that it meets their exact expectations.

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