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Artisanal Printing

Committed to the preservation of traditional knowledge, Dragonfly Designs specializes in creating made-to-order prints on fabrics, cotton canvas, and visual merchandise. Our mission is to elevate the value of traditional craftsmanship through the timeless art of screen and block printing and hand painting.

At Dragonfly Designs we make commissioning custom printed and hand painted fabrics easy.

All in the Essence


Founded by Helen in 2006, the Nairobi-based company quickly established itself as an expert in traditional hand screen-printing. Highly passionate and strengthened by her extended background in the History of Art, Helen is a creative force. After decades in sales, she needed a change and applied her passion for art and design. Drawing from her expertise, she created a unique concept that sets her apart from all other editors by offering her clients a hand-crafted, made-to-order service. She targets a discerning clientele in search of authentic exclusive artisanal craftsmanship.

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Dedicated to preserving timeless crafts, Dragonfly Designs confirmed its commitment to preserving knowledge and keeping traditional techniques alive, firmly convinced that they contribute to inspiring creation and the arts in the broadest sense. Dragonfly Designs’ founder, inspired by this rich history, blends traditional techniques with contemporary flair to create vibrant and expressive prints. By honoring the legacy of screen printing pioneers, Dragonfly Designs ensures that this art form continues to inspire future generations. 

Embracing Artisan Workmanship & Community Pride

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