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Bespoke Printing | Hand Crafted Crackers

dragonfly designs

Bespoke Printing | Hand Crafted Crackers


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... started in 2006 when I first joined hands with Mwaka and Muya.

Both masters of hand screen printing, having learnt their trade prior to the advent of computer generated designs.

Through hard work and persistence we have built a business together that we can be proud of. 

 After the experience of providing screen printing training to a UN supported project,  we also felt the need to develop a stronger relationship with our communities.

In 2016, we adopted a  cracker crafting project:

Crackers with a Conscience.

Now, four years on, we print, cut, roll and tie an amazing volume of celebration crackers together with our wonderful team of single mothers and artisans.

In 2018, we realised our dream and moved into a purpose built studio.

We create and work in a happy space  surrounded by the colourful plants, trees and sounds of Africa.

What an inspiration!

Especially when you hear the lions roar from the game park nearby!

Over the last fourteen years we have managed to maintain and grow a complimentary portfolio of clients, for both the printing and hand crafted crackers.

Our client's vary from  individual designers, safari companies, community projects and established retailers within East Africa, America and Europe.

Our experienced, talented and dedicated teams of printmasters and cracker crafters make it all happen.


Helen Boullay


"Realizing your true potential in a way that also benefits other people, is the ultimate expression of the power of the dragonfly.”







Purpose built, spacious and filled with light.

We love this warm and friendly creative space.


OUR NEWS.......

We have recently purchased a custom designed tunnel dryer that is more energy efficient, and faster!

We use a tunnel dryer to cure the prints to ensure colour fastness.

Our current loyal tunnel dryer will receive a re-fit with new energy saving heaters too.

We're a little sentimental about our old machines!

Next year we are expanding our capabilities to incorporate direct to fabric digital printing.

So we will be better equipped in 2021, to keep our footprint in the market and to realise new possibilities!

Watch this space.....